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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Haru Kiosk Info

Thank you everyone for the continuous support even when our flag store is closed. We understand that most of you have been msging and wanting to buy our goods and its also hard for us to upload our items all into our Haru Goth albums.

A quick solution is here thanks to Elizabeth~ We usually have our booth at our previous flag store building, Scape (indoor, beside escalator), so it will be convenient for everyone to find us~ There are also times where we will be having our booths at different places, depending on invitations or events. So far, we had booths at the following places :
  • NUS
  • NTU
  • The Japanese School
We will be having special sale and deals at our booth too! We have many different category items, so to check whats available at the booth, stay tuned for our FB page more info on the dates of the booths~
If you are specifically interested in any item, kindly inform us, so we can bring it for you.
Special promotion will only be announced at the booth.
99% of them are only 1 piece each, making them even more exclusive.
Meetups for collection of items during booth is possible.

We are glad to share that besides on our Facebook page albums, we are also on Carousell!

All listed are new and official from Japan
Bank transfer via DBS/UOB/Paypal.
No exchange/refund/return.
We ship worldwide.
Free normal local postage.

Facebook page link -

Carousell link -

Catch you all soon ~