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Friday, June 8, 2012

About Haru Goth

Tucked away in a corner at Far East Plaza #03-42 (Shop 6), a hidden treasure trove of Japanese street wear. It specialise in Lolita,Yukata,Decora,Japanese sch uniform,Hime and casual streetwear since 2005. A policy the store keeps, is to maintain most imported to be 1 piece each, therefore the lesser chance of having someone wearing the same as you. The store also have their own line of beautifully hand made items and clothings all at 1 piece each. The store has been most famous for out of stock everytime, so the next time u spot something, don't hesitate. And for their new stock days, queues are often seen hours before the store is open.

Adding to the special highlights of this cutsy dreamland, there is a second branch a few steps away namely 'Haru Goth'. Definately something contrasting to Haru. It specialise in Gothic fashion, elegant gothic aristrocat,elegant gothic lolita, gothic punk. Due to space constraint and expanding of lolita and cosplay, cosplay category shifted to Haru Goth.

Haru Goth is the second store from Haru.
Located at Far East Plaza $03-42(Shop 3), this concept store is the second store from the mother store, Haru. This store caters to the Gothic subculture lovers. Most products are one piece each and are directly imported from either Taiwan or Japan. We carry a huge range of clothings and accessories from head to toe. Just 1 weeks after opening, the store is left half emptied due to supporting regulars and overwhelming responds from the public. Feel free to come and have a look for yourself!

Here are a few pics taken during the opening :